Well, not really. One post to a blog site does not a blogger make. Right now I’m a follower, trying something new because some of my younger friends are doing it. One of my friend’s dad has jumped into it, so I thought “why not.” And at the moment, I’m a closet blogger. I outted one of my friend’s site recently and now I’m concerned she won’t write with the honesty and openness as before because she is afraid of who is reading her blogs. And then I wonder “What is the purpose?” I’m not sure at this point. I realize that blogging can be theraputic, if I need therapy. I realize it can be an ego stroke if someone actually reads what I write and makes an uplifting comment. It can also be harmful if I write something and the reader makes a negative comment. I’m willing to risk that. As we make this journey called life, I think we miss out on so much because we don’t try them, at least once. So I’m blogging.

As I’ve been reading the many blogs that are out there, I’ve come to realize a couple of things about blogging. One, it’s the Internet’s version of “American Idol” except for the voting off part. There are some very talented and entertaining writers, and there are some really awful writers (spelling, thought structure, general topic discussion). And you even have the judges – some give nothing but praise and “Oh, what a great writer you are.” Some give nothing but unhelpful, critical comments to show how clever and witty they are. And some give insightful, well thought-out comments. I like those people. But what all this has shown me is my second realization about blogging. It’s really not about the reader, it’s about the writer. We are willing to expose our thoughts (good, bad, ugly, beautiful) and express who we are and what we are feeling at the moment. And that can be a good thing. A very good thing. This site is mine, not yours. And what I choose to write here are my thoughts. Hopefully dialog and discussion can take place, help can be found, the long and winding road we are all on can be made a somewhat more enjoyable place, for however long we are together. But ultimately it just comes down to this: this is who I am and these are my reflections on life, seen through the lenses of my past and present experiences.

I hope I stay here. This could get interesting.