I know, for some of you, this was before your time. Three Dog Night had a hit song in 1969 called “One.” Lyrics weren’t all that great, but it had a catchy tune that everyone could, and did, sing. The first line of the song was “One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do.” And it pretty much repeated that thought throughout the song.

I think that is the way we live our lives today. We try to do life alone, on our own, damn the torpedoes full speed ahead! We are independent creatures: full of adventure and free spirit. But it’s that independence that keeps us from really living the life God intended for us. God created us with that independent spirit – we call it free will. We are free to accept His love and peace, or not. No pressures. He will not force a relationship with us. We can live life to the fullest as He designed it, or live life as we see fit. Personally I want to live the life He has for me. But I don’t. We don’t.

We struggle with life. We struggle with faith. We struggle with God’s will and plan. We struggle with whether we are “acceptable,” to God and to others. We struggle because of our independence.

We will all say that God is important in our lives, but the problem is He is important in the midst of a great number of important things. He is not THE most important priority of our life. He is like an extracurricular activity – something that can be pushed back or dropped if something more important comes along. He wants us to pursue Him passionately, with ALL of our heart, ALL our mind, ALL our soul. To not do life alone. That’s also why we have each other.

“One is the loneliest number, worse than two”

Much worse.

His peace be on you.