I don’t have much time before I actually have to get to work so this will be a short post for a change. Something has been on my mind the last couple of days and I would like your input.

We are starting a new book/Bible study this Sunday. It’s Jerry Bridges’ “Pursuit of Holiness.” Looks like a great book. Some in our group aren’t going to do the study because of “time constraints,” but I think the real reason goes much deeper. Here’s my question: Why are we, as Christ followers, so afraid of the word Holiness? Is it because we don’t feel Holy or feel capable of being Holy? Or is it because we just don’t understand, after all these centuries of “enlightenment,” what it really means to be Holy? Are we afraid of being Holy because of what we might have to give up or, worse yet, do? God Himself commanded us to be Holy as He is Holy, so I’m curious why we aren’t, or don’t want to be.


His peace be on you.