John Maxwell wrote of change:
“When it comes to change, there are three seasons of timing: People change when they hurt enough that they have to, when they learn enough that they want to, and when they receive enough that they are able to.”

Why is it we are so opposed to change? Change is a difficult thing but something we can’t avoid. The fact is, aside from God, the only thing that never changes is the fact that there will always be change. It often screws with our comfort zone and we hate when things make us uncomfortable. Change is coming into my life, and it is one of those changes that you know is coming but can’t do anything about, like growing older. My 18 year old daughter, and only child, is graduating from high school and will soon be leaving for college 5 1/2 hours away. A lot of changes I can deal with, even accept. Change I can’t control is something I have a tough time with. She can’t be growing up, she can’t be getting her own life apart from her mother and me, and she can’t be leaving. But she is and I have to live with it. Either that or have her live with us the rest of our lives. And none of us really want that.

Change is a natural part of living. And those changes that take us by surprise, or we can’t control, are the ones that eat at us the most, cause us to worry and fret and forget that God is suppose to be in control. We forget that this life we now live is only temporary and that one day we will be in a place that never changes. Steve Brown of Key Life Radio put it this way:

“Our problem is that we keep trying to pretend that our transient city is a permanent one, and when the facts show us otherwise, we feel uncomfortable. We continue to claim promises that were meant for our final home as if they were given for our temporary abode. The fact is that we aren’t home yet. The writer of Hebrews says it better than anybody: “All these people were still living by faith when they died. They did not receive the things promised; they only saw them and welcomed them from a distance” (Hebrews 11: 13).

How do you deal with change? My guess is you hate it as much as me. And chances are you and I will be facing many more changes before we reach our final, unchangeable, destination. Just remember, Jesus is the same yesterday, today, AND tomorrow. He is unchanging in a world of change. And that’s solid.

His unchanging peace be on you.