I think it’s interesting how dress codes over the last several years have relaxed, with companies now offering “casual Fridays.” Before I came to seminay, I was a bank officer in a large, family owned bank. We were required to wear suits and ties and have that banker look. I hated it and that’s probably part of the reason I went into video and television production. The dress code is just the opposite. I now only wear suits for weddings (if my wife makes me) and funerals. Of course, banks today have even relaxed the “banker” look.

Same with church. We have two kinds of worship in our church: a “classic” service that is traditional and is made of older members, and two “contemporary” services made up of the younger members. Our pastor will wear his suit for the classic and change into business casual for the contemporary services. When I mentioned that, my almost 80 year old dad said that the older generation were use to having their “Sunday best” that was different from what they wore during the week. But not so with my generation and younger. We wear whatever we want. And I wonder if that doesn’t reflect in our attitude toward God in general.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think dress code has any bearing on a believer’s heart or worship. But, at least for me, with our casual dress comes a more casual attitude. We are shifting away from a reverence, a certain respect, for God and the “things” we have dedicated to His service and use (like the church building and our worship times). We don’t put on our “Sunday best” anymore. Our churches are now promoting a “casual worship time.” Our corporate worship times aren’t any different than a day at the ballpark, watching our favorite team play the national pastime. Only they aren’t as enjoyable. Sunday morning I saw a man in church wearing shorts and sandals. The only thing missing was the hotdog and beer (which, at the moment, may cause an uproar but give it time). And our lives reflect, during the rest of the week, a casual approach to God and our relationship with Him. If we happened to think on the things of God, it’s usually in passing. Like what was the score of the Rangers game last night?

I’m not promoting a return to suits. I’ll go to the Ranger’s game first. What I’m asking for is that we put on our “Sunday best” in our attitude and hearts, approaching God with reverence, awe, and fear. And not just on Sunday or whatever sabbath you worship on, but everyday. Let’s stop taking such a casual approach to our worship and our relationship with God. He wants a serious relationship with us, even if we are at the ballpark watching baseball.

As Lauren F. Winneris, the author of Girl Meets God , says

“The way into Christian Sabbath observance isn’t so much about rules as orientation: away from the busyness of the week and towards the Creator who rested. In this we may find a true sense of Shabbat shalom, Sabbath peace.”

His peace be on you.