Describe the perfect church. Well, of course there are no perfect churches. But what would your perfect church LOOK like?

As I walk around the college where I work, I picture this as the perfect church, or at least what the church is suppose to look like. We have young, and old, and in-between. We have black, white, brown, and yellow skin. We have skin that is tattooed and pierced; skin that is flawless. We have blond hair, brunette hair, grey hair, red, yellow, green hair. Hair on the collars, spiked in a fish fin, no hair. Jeans with holes and patches, designer jeans, baggy shorts, sandals, slacks, loafers, tennis shoes. Tall, short, skinny, overweight. Drama queens, ex-cheerleaders, athletic types, geeks, special needs, studious, motivationally challenged. Rich, poor, not sure. In other words, we have humanity. And they aren’t as concerned about the way everyone else looks because they are usually here for one reason – to learn something.

But look around the local church. We all look alike. And to be comfortable in some of our churches, you have to be a clone. We have difficulties setting aside our prejudices. Mixed race couple? Tattoos covering the body? Body piercing? Guitars, drums, praise team? Organ and choir? No instruments? Suits? Jeans? KJV? NIV? The Message? Raising hands? Incense? Candles? Power-Point and videos? And on and on. Surely the Bible speaks against all of these things. At least, we think it must.

I read Todd Rhoades’ site daily, and he’s always talking about new and different ways to do church and ministry. But I’m amazed at the narrow-minded and mean-spirited comments some in the “ministry” make about what they perceive as “not the way to do it.” I long for the day when the church will not be so concerned with “conformed” and focus on “transformed.” We’re here to become passionate followers of Jesus Christ. He is the only one we are suppose to conform to. Our problem is figuring out what that looks like.

Maybe what I desire is Heaven. Maybe there we can all get along. Maybe.