Don’t get me wrong. I’m not sad because I got a new Bible, I’m sad because of WHY I got a new Bible.

This new Bible is nice. There are some things I was wanting in a new Bible, and this one has most of those things. It’s tabbed, which helps since I sucked at Bible drill. Jesus’ words are in red, it’s referenced, and a solid translation (Holman Christian Standard Bible which I’ve been reading on and have enjoyed). But the biggest problem I have with the Bible, and the real reason I bought it, is that it’s a LARGE PRINT EDITION. And that makes me sad.

And I already miss my old Bible. Oh, it’s still around. But it’s time to forget what lies behind and press on. My old Bible was worn, and comfortable, and marked up. I loved the way it fit in my hand, and how my life was written in the margins. It’s taken me through a lot. I thought about transferring the underlines and notes into my new one. But after talking to my wife about it I decided I wouldn’t. The old Bible represented my life up to this point, and all that God had been teaching me. This new Bible is about the future, and what God has left to teach me, which is considerable. I’m looking forward to seeing my life unfold within these new pages, all clean and waiting for God to reveal things in my life. Even if it means I have to have LARGER PRINT to see it.

His peace be on you all.