Out of touch. Removed from my life and reality. It’s one of those things that comes upon you, quietly and slowly. You don’t even realize it’s happening until you are in the midst of the numbness. Nothing dramatic happened last week, just a normal week. But I couldn’t do a lot of what I enjoy doing. Like writing here. I had nothing. Zip. Nada. As I’ve writen before, I felt uninspired, and uninspiring (that’s not to say I’m inspiring otherwise, but you know what I’m talking about).

It really hit home yesterday in church. I don’t think I sang a single song, or paid much attention to the pastor’s message. I’ve been reading Erwin McManus’ book The Barbarian Way, and that may be the problem. Our church service, with the Praise Team being more of the worship leaders (performers? singing the same songs and having the same order we’ve had for years) instead of lead worshippers, and the pastor’s sermon series about the preiesthood of the believer, and the air-conditioning and the all white, middle-class congregation, made for a feeling of being out-of-touch with the Christianity that Jesus really has called us to. I’m not sure where I’m headed with these thoughts, or if I’m willing to break out of MY comfort zone and swim around in the deep end of the pool, but I’m now open to exploring what God’s Kingdom is really all about, what it means for me, what it means TO me, and I suppose, what I mean to the Kingdom of God. Looks to be an intersting journey.

His peace be on you all.