August 2005

See yesterday’s post about moving forward, but Randy Bohlender had a great post about the church facing the wrong direction. Check it out.


I’ve just started reading The Barbarian Way by Erwin McManus, and already he’s made some interesting comments.

The invitation of Jesus is a revolutionary call to fight for the heart of humanity. We are called to an unconventional war using only the weapons of faith, hope, and love. Nevertheless, this war is no less dangerous than any war ever fought. And for those of us who embrace the cause of Christ, the cost to participate in the mission of God is nothing less than everything we are and everything we have.

This is the simplicity of the barbarian way. If you are a follower of Christ, then you are called to fight for the heart of your King. It is a life fueled by passion – a passion for God and a passion for people.

The new covenant that He established puts its trust not in the law, but in the transforming power of God’s Spirit living within us. The revolution of the human heart would fuel the life and vitality of this movement. We would delight in God, and He would give us the desires of our hearts. With our hearts burning for God, we would move forward with the freedom to pursue the passions burning within us.

Let us move forward, toward the revolution!

His peace be on you all.

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