I’m not real crazy about Christians copying well known slogans, but there is a hospital here in Dallas that has a slogan that I think should be adopted by the Church, or at least by Christ Followers. Their tag line on their commercials say that they are “Specialists in Life.” What a great thing! As Christ Followers, shouldn’t we also be “Specialists in Life”? We’ve become specialist in eternal life, but what about the life here on earth. The Scriptures are full of Life, from Genesis when God breathed the breath of Life into Man and he became a living being, to Jesus talking about being The Life. And in Him is Life, and that Life is the light of man.

Why do we not understand what it means to have Life, and have it abundantly? Have we become so religious, so traditional, so ritual, that we have become like Ezekiel, set down in the middle of a valley full of dry bones? I love that story. Seems to me this is the story of the church today. Ezekiel was led around and saw a great many bones “on the surface of the valley, and they were very dry.” If you look around at the church today you will see a great number of bones who are very dry, including myself. God asks Ezekiel if he thought these bones could live again, and Ezekiel very wisely answered, “Lord God, only you know.” Of course, only God can do it. Even after Ezekiel prophesied and the bones were covered with tendons, and flesh, and skin (much like we have programs, and activities, and Bible studies, and worship, and on and on) the bones still did not live because there was “no breath in them.” But God, as He did in Genesis, breathed Life into them and they became a mighty army. God told Ezekiel that He would lead them, he would be their God, and that they would know that He was the Lord. But the defining verse in all of the text is Ezekiel 37:14 – “I (God) will put My Spirit in you, and you will LIVE.”

Seek His face while He may still be found, and He will give you Living Water – He will give you LIFE.

Become “Specialists in Life!”

His peace be on you all.