Thanks to Charlie Pharis (Just Charlie) for bringing this term to my attention per his blog. According to Charlie, this term was made popular by Rick Warren who made this notation in his Bible as he listened to preacher’s preach, probably on how to revitalize a dying church.

I had the same kind of feeling Sunday night as we met at our house with our single’s group and discussed the class and ministry. I do that every year just to get my focus, and hopefully those in the class, back on what we are about. I need feedback and sometimes, well a lot of times, I just don’t get what I’m looking for. What are we doing right and what are we doing wrong kind of thing. I’m hungry to reach young (20s and 30s) single adults, but for me it always comes back to YBH.

I read an interesting AP article by David Caruso recently, and it should effect the way we do church, at least in part. In this article, Caruso writes that according to the 2000 Census data, the number of Americans living alone has exceeded the number of households containing the classic nuclear family.

Caruso writes:

“The analysis found that single-person households in the United States grew by 21 percent in the 1990s. eclipsing the growth rates for all other types of living arrangements.

About 27.2 million Americans lived alone in 2000, accounting for about 26 percent of all households and about 9.7 percent of the U.S. population.

By comparison, 22 percent of households consisted of a married couple and their natural children. About 21 percent were married couples living without children. Eight percent were single parents living with at least one child.” (Emphasis mine)

So what is the church doing about this shift? Overall, not much. The church still programs to the mass audience (married) and the emphasis seems to always be about families. And while this is important (my friend Smitty is the Minister to Children at our church and I wouldn’t have her job for anything), we need to start reaching the growing single population. And this is becoming my focus – ministering to the growing number of single households, in whatever form they take. But it always comes back to: YBH. I’m more than willing to learn, so if any of you have suggestions, let me hear them. I want to change YBH to TIH (This Is How).

His peace be on you all.