In my very slow reading of The Barbarian Way by Erwin McManus, I came across this last night:

.: Jesus made clear that being a disciple was never intended to be the equivalent of being molded into a stereotype.

.: Talking about Jesus and John, McManus wrote that their lives could not be explained apart from God.

.: Somehow Christianity has become a nonmystical religion. It’s about a reasonable faith. If we believe the right things then we are orthodox. We have become believers rather than experiencers.

.: In the civilized view of discipleship, everything and everyone moves toward the center. Discipleship is translated into standardizing everyone into the smae pattern. We have equated the promise that we would be conformed into the image of Christ with a belief that all of us will be the same. Discipleship has become the mechanism for uniformity rather than uniqueness.

.: The entire focus of our faith has been the elimination of sin, which is important but inadequate, rather than the unleashing of a unique, original, extraordinary, wonderfully untamed faith.


His peace be on you all.