In my last post, I quoted from McManus’ book The Barbarian Way about how Jesus made it clear that being a disciple was never intended to be the equivalent of being molded into a stereotype. My friend Trinitie wanted to see the Scripture references for that, but to be honest I couldn’t find many. Not specifically anyway. But when you look at the Scriptures and what God did when He called someone to Himself, their lives were never the same as those around them. Or like anyone before them. They were changed because the God of the universe had touched them in a way that made them different. Not look different, but act different. Look at Abraham, Moses, Noah, David, Jonah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Peter, James, John, Paul, and the list goes on and on. Look at John the Baptist. Would he be the man YOU would have called to be “the voice crying in the wilderness” exclaiming the coming of THE Messiah? And when, after the resurrection, Jesus and Peter are talking Peter wants to know if Jesus is planning on the same life for John as himself. Jesus told Peter know to worry about what is in store for John, Peter was to follow Jesus on Jesus’ terms. When McManus is talking about disciples as stereotypes, what’s he saying? What is a stereotype Christian?

Dan Kimball of vintage faith just wrote a book about why people love Jesus but hate the church (Christians) and these are some of the perceptions he found people had of church:

  1. The Church is an “Organized Religion” with a political agenda
  2. The Church is Judgmental and Negative
  3. The Church is Male Dominated and Female Oppressive
  4. The Church is Homophobic
  5. The Church Thinks They Have the Exclusive Way to God (and everyone else is wrong)
  6. The Church takes the Bible too literally and are “Fundamentalists”

It’s tough being the Church and not letting the church get in the way. We’ve got to let God touch us in such a way that we are changed, we are transformed, we are no longer “civilized” in our faith. We have the Truth, we’ve got to learn live Truth.

His peace be on you all.

ADDITION: Let me add to my list of Bible people changed by God: Sarah, Mary (Jesus’ mother), Mary (sister of Martha), Mary Magdalene, the woman at the well, the woman with a sickness who touched his garment, the woman caught in adultery, Priscilla (a deaconess!) Timothy’s mother and grandmother, and again, the list goes on and on.