A person I’ve never met, but feel I know because of her blogs, is Layla. She was kind enough to link to my site when I wrote about stereotypical Christians. In the comments on her post, there was a person who commented: “Most people that “can’t see past the church”, don’t want to. It is usually just a nice excuse for them to continue in their wicked ways.” While I agree with the sentiments of this statement, I have problems with saying “most people…don’t want to.” I think the real problem is us: Christians, the Church that people can’t see past. The world looks at us and we haven’t given them a reason to look past the church and see Jesus for themselves. Besides, the world should not have to look past us to begin with; they should see Jesus IN us, and THROUGH us, not past us. I know there are those who disagree with me here, but we Christians are the reason people have a difficult time accepting God at His Word, and accepting His grace through Jesus. They focus on our pettiness, our condemnation, our legalism, our own breaking of the Law, our self-righteousness, our lack of forgiveness and grace even to other believers. Paul said the same thing in Romans 2:24 when he wrote, “No wonder the Scriptures say ‘The world blasphemes the name of God because of you.'”

Until we as Christ Followers give the world something more to look at than the facade* we call the church, they may never see Jesus for who He really is.

*Wikipedia defines “Facade” as a figure of speech to describe the “face” that people show other people.

His peace be on all of you.