God is Love. Simple. Plain. Direct.

God loves us. Simple. Plain. Direct.

We have eternal life because of God’s love for us, through faith. Simple. Plain. Direct.

Jesus said, “Trust God.” Simple. Plain. Direct.

Somewhere along the line, we’ve made faith and trust for daily living a very complicated thing. We’ve added so many dimensions to faith that it just doesn’t work for us anymore. It’s not the simple “Trust God” that Jesus spoke of, but now we put our trust in our faith. We put our trust in our beliefs. We put our faith in other people’s faith and beliefs. Just like the Hebrews did with the Pharisees. They lost that connection with God that Abraham, and Moses, and David, and Enoch, and many others had. These men KNEW God, and walked with God, and God knew them. Our faith in our faith causes all kinds of problems. Layla and Danny Sims have written about one problem: “Why don’t I have enough faith to move this mountain?” We often get frustrated and discouraged and discontent when we are wrapped up in our “faith,” and put our trust in our faith. I’ve heard it said of people whose prayers weren’t answered, “You just don’t have enough faith.” Don’t have enough faith?!? What does that mean? What was the focus of their “faith” that they didn’t have enough of? Does that mean they didn’t go to church enough? Or pray enough? Or give enough? Or witness enough? Or read their Bibles enough? Those who came into contact with Jesus and were made whole were not people with a lot of faith in faith, they just had faith in God. And that faith set them free. It’s no wonder that there are those who had to leave organized religion to discover their “faith,” their faith in God and not in faith. You CAN know God, you CAN trust God, you CAN have faith in God. It’s not that complicated. Sometimes we just have to break free of our faith.

His peace be on you all.