Very few of us have the same image of God. Our portrait of God is painted by the colors of past experiences, from the palette of our individual lives. Some have painted God with cool colors (blue, green, grey) that tend to have a calming effect. At one end of the cool color spectrum the colors are cold, impersonal, antiseptic. On the other the colors are nurturing and comforting. Others paint God with warm colors (red, orange, gold) that rev us up and get us going. They can either create excitement or anger. Warm colors tend to convey emotions from simple optimism to strong violence. Warm colors overpower cool colors. Still others paint God with the Colors of Intrigue – those colors derived from mixing warm and cool colors. These colors are purple, lavender, beige. Purple is royalty, nobility, spirituality. Lavender suggests refinement, elegance, and something special. Beige is a neutral color, sometimes seen as boring and dull when seen by itself. That’s how we paint God. He is calming, or cold and impersonal, or optimistic, or violent, or King, or dull and boring. Or all of the above at some time. And because we have such different brushes, and colors, and visions, we have trouble following God. I’ve tried to show you what God is like through my eyes, and it just doesn’t work for you – you’ve got an entirely different vision of what God is like. But the greatest portrait we have of God is found through the eyes of Jesus. If only we could grasp His vision, His portrait of the great I AM. “If you know Me, you will also know My Father. From now on you do know Him and have seen Him.” (John 14:7)

How do you picture God?

His peace be on you all.