I’ve been reading a book my daughter bought me for my birthday. She knows what a big C. S. Lewis fan I am, and how I’m really looking forward to the new movie coming out in a few weeks. The book is Finding God in the Land of Narnia by Kurt Bruner & Jim Ware. In the chapter entitled “Chinks and Chasms” the authors talk about our fasination (and the media’s fasination) with the possible existence of parallel dimensions and alternate universes. Lucy found one when she crossed from our dimension into the dimension of Narnia, thus beginning the adventure we know as the Chronicles of Narnia.

If there’s a lesson for us in Lucy’s adventure with the wardrobe, it’s this: Surprise encounters with the unseen world are lurking just around every corner. Divine serendipities lie in ambush at every turn. At any moment we, too, may slip through an undetected crack and find ourselves standing in the middle of a strange and marvelous land, a place beyond the walls of the known universe.

For there is such a place. Happily, this workaday world isn’t all there is. Nearby, just at our elbow, hovering over our heads and brushing past our shoulders, is that “other dimension,” where God and the hosts of heaven dwell in power and bliss and unapproachable light. For all its invisibility, it is dangerously real and alarmingly present. And it is ready to burst in upon us, to suck us out of our mundane existence and into a realm of blazing mysteries, just when we least expect it.

The kingdom of God is at hand.

His peace be on you all.