I visited a new church on Sunday. I know this isn’t a big deal for some of you, but we’ve been members of our current church for 18 years. And except for being out of town, most Sundays we attend there. Last Sunday I didn’t get to teach and I wasn’t running sound for the service, so my wife and I thought we would try someplace new. The problem was the service at Christ Community Church started at 10:00 a.m. We didn’t find out until 9:30, and my wife couldn’t be ready in time, so I went alone. The church is currently meeting in a high school about 15 minutes from us, and it was an enjoyable experience. Nothing really different other than they were finishing up a sermon series based on “Blue Like Jazz,” the book by Donald Miller. But it was the actual worship service that struck me as different. The band consisted of 2 acoustic guitars, a conga drum, and keyboard. Very “unplugged” kind of thing. And there were only 3 singers – the lead and 2 backup singers. We sang a few praise songs (which don’t seem a lot different from church to church), the pastor preached his message, sang a little more, had a communion time, then it was over. What made if different for me was the simplicity of it compared to where I’m currently going. At my church we have 3 services: 2 “contemporary” and 1 “traditional.” I occasionally run sound for both. The traditional has so much stuff crammed into it that there isn’t any time to reflect, or really worship. At least for me. And the “contemporary” has your full drum set, screaming electric and acoustic guitar, bass, piano and keyboard. There are also 4 to 5 singers. That’s a lot up on stage. There are videos and Power Point. Occasionally we have a drama, or children’s choir, or men’s ensemble, or handbells, or…

It hit me after this Sunday: more is not better, sometimes it’s just more.

His peace.