I’ve been reading a lot of Blogs lately that deal with the writer’s unhappiness with church, or how church is being done today. But a couple of writers actually had the nerve to write about the “What Ifs…” of doing church, or community.

The first one is “Real Live Preacher” or rlp. He started out this way:

“What if these people decided to cast off any preconceived, cultural ideas about what church ought to be and instead tried to whittle Christianity down to its essentials? Instead of allowing church to become ever more complex, what if they sought to make church ever more simple, simple enough to be written on a thumbnail or even on a heart?”

Then went on to describe his vision. Read him here.

The second writer is Gary Means. He has 23 “What Ifs…” Read him here.

Both of these writers have some great things to say about being a Christ Follower, and not just a church goer. Check them out.

His peace.