Shaun Groves writes about some questions he has about Jesus and the event-driven church that I found interesting. The event-driven church is the one where their main focus, energy and money is the Sunday morning worship. Shaun writes:

I’m thinking a lot about the things we/I care about most and the things Jesus seems to have cared about most. I wonder if He would spend $250,000 on a big screen, $100,000 on a catwalk and intelligent lighting, thousands more on plush interiors or would he build a housing project for low income families or spend more on mission work, start cottage industries in unused church space, buy sonogram machines for crisis pregnancy centers, train the unemployed, pay people’s bills, start a free medical clinic, provide free counseling for members, give scholarships, fund the underground churches of the world, train foreign pastors in theology etc etc.

Would he demand that members of his church volunteer to work in the nursery as parts of the “body” of Christ or would he pay outsiders to do that for them and essentially let them off and teach them that they have no responsibility to each other? I wonder if he would sign any warm body up to teach Sunday school and then let them say and teach whatever they felt like without ever checking in or would he train teachers as Paul trained Timothy even if it meant there were fewer of them? Would he start a baby church that watches taped sermons every week from the mother church’s pastor (man, this is happening a lot now) or would he invest in discipling a pastor to teach there instead? Would he insist on music from a band in every service or insist on service to the community from every Christian? What would matter most to him? Would he so over-stress the importance of entertainment in church that his youth group would walk out on Toby Mac for being boring (ours did a few years back) or would they be respectful, eager to learn and listen even to an old guy with a guitar – though of course they’d/we’d all appreciate entertainment – just not demand it? Would his youth be cool or disinterested in cool, above and beyond cool? Or could even Jesus get teen agers to stop caring what people think about them?

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I think a lot of what Shaun is saying is true, at least it rings true to me. I think our priorities have shifted away from the Gospel, and our emphasis is now more on entertainment and what Tony Evans calls “fast food” Christianity. We do this in our churches today to reach the most people possible. But what are we reaching them with? Maybe that is why I’m feeling so empty lately.

His peace