The church I go to is starting a new worship service and I’ve got mixed emotions about it. On one hand I’m excited. On the other, I’ve got some concerns. It’s going to be a mid-week service geared to the 18 – early 30 year old crowd. If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you know I teach a single’s Bible study class in this age range, and I love it. We have often talked about the need for this kind of service, but never could pull it together. But now it seems to be happening. To start, the service will only meet once a month for March, April and May. Then in the fall it will kick off every other week. I’m praying a new church will be starting from all this, but that’s just me.

I’m concerned about how this worship gathering time will be done. The guy pulling the details together works with students across the world, and is on the board of Passion, Lou Giglio’s organization, so I’m not worried about him. But what I’m concerned with is there seems to be little input from anybody in the targeted age group. I’m getting my information about what is going on from a mutual friend, and he doesn’t have any direct dealings with this age group yet he seems to be in on the meetings and planning. I’ll have to wait and see just how really different this service will be.

They want to reach un-churched, non-churched, and de-churched young adults (single and married) but the first thing I told them was they needed to GET IT OUT OF THE BAPTIST CHURCH BUILDING. It’s now going to be in the gym of a local school. The second thing I suggested was DON’T LET THE 56 YEAR OLD BAPTIST PREACHER PREACH. At least, not initally. He’s a good preacher, but I don’t think he can relate on their level. He just doesn’t look comfortable in jeans and his shirt tail out. 🙂

I’m excited though, and I’ll post about the services here.

His peace.