Rob Riggs has been very quiet for a long time, now he reappears and then tags me and three others. I’m going to respond just because I don’t have anything else at the moment. Thanks Rob.

Four Jobs I’ve Had:

  • Bank teller
  • TV director/producer
  • Insurance Adjuster
  • Digital media producer (CD-ROMS and DVDs)

Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over:

  • Groundhog Day (get it?)
  • The Italian Job
  • Lord of the Rings (any of them)
  • Dave

Four Places I’ve Lived:

  • Lubbock, TX
  • Amarillo, TX
  • Brownwood, TX
  • Burleson, TX

What can I say, I’m a native Texan.

Four Shows I Like To Watch:

  • Monk
  • Lost
  • NCIS
  • Gray’s Anatomy

Four Foods That I Like:

  • Italian (if you’re ever in Burleson, go to Sammy’s)
  • Mexican
  • BBQ
  • Chinese

Four Sites I Visit Everyday:

  • All of my Blogroll and Blog list

Four places I’d rather be right now:

  • Mountains (skiing)
  • Olympics
  • I’m at work right now, so anyplace else
  • Did I mention anyplace else?

Four Things I Want To Do Before I Die:

  • Live longer
  • Travel
  • Walk my daughter down the aisle
  • Get out of debt!!

Four People I’m Tagging:

  • I’m not tagging anyone. Everytime I do, I hear this collective sigh and “Not again.” So, if you want to make this list, knock yourself out, just let me know you’ve done it. Otherwise, I’ll be reading your usual witty commentaries on life and the pursuit of happiness.