bruceD, the other Bruce, over at YBMT is calling it quits. His writing has always entertained and informed me, even when I disagreed with him. But now he is moving on to other things. He will remain in the blogosphere, but mostly as a lurker. Unless you write something he disagrees with, then I'm certain you will hear from him.

But bruceD makes an interesting point: when do we need to give up blogging? When have we said all we need to say, and when do people stop caring? What does it take to be successful at blogging? Shaun Groves wrote this:

I recently read a killer article in New York Magazine called "Blogs To Riches" about the differences between the haves and have-nots of the blogosphere. That difference has a great deal to do with inbound links – that and overall quality, which has a great deal to do with time and money spent maintaining one's blog and making changes, lots of changes. "A blog is like a shark: If it stops moving, it dies," New York Magazine says.

I don't want Bit of Smoke to die. But I don't want it full of "this is what I did today." God has been dealing with me in some interesting ways, but I don't know how much to share (or even if I should).

I would love to be a consistent, daily writer, having something worthwhile to write about, but I find two things happening in my blogging experience. First, I never feel what I have to write about is worth posting. I know I said when I started blogging that this blog was for me and I didn't really care what people thought…but I lied. What you think about my writing IS important to me. And second, I find myself spending so much time reading other blogs that I just don't write on my own. Ever feel that way? Days go by and you realize that you haven't posted anything, and the last thing you posted is starting to stink. I'm envious of the those prolific bloggers that make an effort to put something new up every day, and I would love to do that. But I'm just lazy. Maybe one day I'll also run a marathon.