:: I love garage bands. I don't know why I think this is relevant, but I do. There is something raw, and real, about a group of musicians getting together in someone's garage and dreaming the dreams of stardom. Garage bands have been around for as long as I can remember, and they haven't changed much in all this time except in the style of music they play. Neighbors hate them of course, but these guys are getting together and playing for the sake of music (and the hope becoming the next greatest band alive). Last night as I was taking my nightly walk (and it was a beautiful night here in Texas), the unmistakable sound of an electric guitar cut through my IPOD earbuds. Sure enough, there they were all sitting in a garage working through their music like they were getting ready to play a large arena concert. And they were happy. They weren't that good, but what the hell…it was a garage band!

:: I love sidewalks. There is something about a sidewalk that transforms a street from a row of dark lonely houses into a neighborhood. Sidewalks are to keep kids safe from traffic, to allow the senior citizens a place to walk, and to connect the houses and neighbors to each other. We stop on our sidewalks and visit with people we haven't seen in a while, or at least through the winter months when we all hibernate. My street doesn't have sidewalks. For a long time new housing additions didn't build with sidewalks; I guess because that was just an added expense the builders didn't want to hassle with. But now they are building sidewalks again, and I love it. When I'm out walking or running, I have to do it in the street, and I feel so disconnected from the community; but sidewalks make me feel, somehow, a part. And the sidewalk goes right past a garage band.

:: Jordon Cooper had this to say about blogging:

I wonder if the reason we create these blogs is not so much to fulfill the promise of personal publishing but as an online place to hang out on a front porch. Maybe that's why so many people keep showing up and posting, we have loyalty to our community and our reader…We keep showing up everyday because we know that everyone else does and it makes us feel a little less alone.

To me, it's always about feeling less alone. You are welcome to hang out on my front porch anytime. Come on down the sidewalk and sit a while. If I'm not here, I'll either be on your front porch, or out in the garage.

His peace.