I’m looking for a new job. I hate looking for a new job. Not because I don’t feel that I need a new job, but in the process of looking I’m made aware of my feelings of insecurity. And frustration. I have a Master’s degree that should account for something, but the problem is I’m too specialized. My undergraduate degree is Communications. My Master’s is in Communications but it’s from a Seminary. And my career has been broadcasting and video production. Because of that I have a very narrow window of experience. And I’m getting to the age where employers, even though they won’t say it, don’t want to hire me. They want to go with someone younger who can afford to work for next to nothing because they are just starting out and don’t necessarily have a family. I’ve been looking for over a year. And every time I think I’ve found something and interview…nothing. And my insecurities start to creep back in. Too much education. Too much education of the wrong kind. Too much experience. Too much experience of the wrong kind. And I’m too old. I’ve some friends who are in the same boat, except for the age thing, and they are getting frustrated too. I don’t usually like to post something this personal, but this has been on my mind a lot lately. If you remember, say a quick prayer. I’m off to look at Monster.com again.