I want to thank everyone who made comments on my last post…your thoughts and prayers are always appreciated. Reading back over the post I realized, at least to me, how whiney I sounded. This is why I don't like to post anything too personal. I have a tendency to whine. When I wrote the post I was feeling somewhat frustrated, but I think Gary hit the nail on the head when he prayed for me to "have a new sense of worth." I suppose my male ego had been taking a hit and I really didn't feel worth. Thank you Gary for your prayer.

On to other things. Last night we had the first gathering of Altar'd, the worship experience for 18 – 35 year olds. The name, of course, is a play on words. We had altars set up all around the auditorium, but we were praying that lives would be altered, to be changed, to be transformed. Only God knows if this happened or not, but I've left it in His hands to deal with. I just setup and ran the sound and lights, but I really appreciated the experience. The band was great and the preacher was God empowered. And our MCs, a young man and woman from my single's class, did a wonderful job. The auditorium was completely redone with candles and tables and more of an inviting atmosphere. If I can get pics I'll post them. Last night was an experiment, to see what could be put together. We have two more scheduled – one in April and one in May, with plans to go more regular in the fall. Hopefully we can duplicate last night on a less expensive budget because it was paid for with money outside the budget of the church. And it took three long days to transform the auditorium from the traditional look to the more emerging look. But we're learning and God is teaching. I'm excited about the next two.

His peace.