Eduardo of the Ed Blog made a comment on my Rain post, and is my custom I always visit the blogs of new commenters (that’s how I’ve discovered so many of you). Anyway, Ed’s mother has cancer and he is using the blogosphere for a new twist in fund raising. He is asking for a $10 donation from 100 bloggers (for you financially challenged that’s $1000). The donation is not to him or his mother, but to the American Cancer Society in her name. Since I had a father-in-law die from that horrible disease, it was my pleasure to be added to the list. Visit his site and make your donation…it’s only 10 bucks (so you’ll miss eating a meal out).

Click here to check it out. The deadline is May 6th.


And while you are at it, click the ONE banner on the left and add your name to the list. This one is free.