I like to copy and paste from other people's blogs because it is easy and I don't have to come with anything on my own. That being said, Shaun Groves was writing about how the Christian Church grows through hardships and how comfort will kill it. He came up with these points about comfort in the church in the West:

  • Easy instant membership in the local church.
  • Low expectations of members by clergy. (Give 10% of your income and show up on Sunday)
  • No repercussions for failing to meet already low membership expectations.
  • No concept of local church being part of world wide Church – much of which is in tremendous need.
  • Consumerism, materialism, greed, temporal success encouraged and rewarded by the local church.
  • Abdication of responsibility to care for the poor, sick, orphaned and aging to Caesar. (Welfare etc)
  • Adoption of nation as home, resulting in much sacrifice and reverence for Caesar in exchange for his protection and care.
  • The ability to be anonymous in large congregations.
  • No actual persecution of Christians in the West. (Persecution is being pursued with intent to physically harm or kill)
  • Adoption of societal values, lifestyle, possessions, and morality as the church's.
  • In three words: conformity without peculiarity.

Read the rest of what he says here.