I let my friend T read the first chapter of Rob Bell's book Velvet Elvis, and now she's hooked. I don't know if that is a good thing or not, but she posted a quote from the book on her blog about the Christian faith being a paradox: "It's not so much that the Christian faith has a lot of paradoxes. It's that it is a lot of paradoxes. And we cannot resolve a paradox. We have to let it be what it is."

Someone made a comment that the Christian faith wasn't a prardox, that it couldn't be anything but black and white. She finished her comment with: "Perhaps you see something about the statement that I don't, but I have a hard time believing anyone will be able to show chapter and verse of the Bible that even implies that the Christian faith is a paradox." Interesting comment by the way. If you want to see the full text of the comment, go here.

Here is how I responded to the comment.

I like what ABass has to say, but I don't think Rob was talking about God and Jesus and the Bible being a paradox (and I haven't read that far in the book so I don't know the context either), but I see the statement talking about the Christian FAITH, our belief system. Jesus told us to love God with all of our hearts, souls, minds and body. And to love others as ourselves. Those, for Jesus, were the two greatest commandments. It sounds simple enough, but man has taken those commands and made them very complex, giving us as believers all kinds of way in which we must love God and love man (and what it means to for us to love God and man). If the Christian FAITH wasn't a paradox, then why do we have so many denominations and different kinds of churches? Not because of God, but because of man. One of our paradoxes lies in us seperating the "sin" from "the sinner." Seeing people as people loved of God, not people who deserve hell. Wikipedia had this to say about paradox: "The word paradox is often used interchangeably and wrongly with contradiction; but where a contradiction by definition cannot be true, many paradoxes do allow for resolution, though many remain unresolved or only contentiously resolved." For Christ Followers, there isn't a contradiction between God's love and God's justice, but there is a paradox (for us, not for Him).

I'm just curious, do you think the Christian faith is paradoxical and if so, how?