I’m going to see Rob Bell in concert. Well, it’s really not a concert; at least I don’t think it is. But Rob Bell, pastor and author (“Velvet Elvis”) is on a nationwide bus tour with his family called “Everything is Spiritual,” and one of their two stops here in Texas is at a theater that has been turned into a live rock music venue. So maybe this will be a concert of sorts. And it’s sold out. He’s speaking in a place where such well-known rock groups such as Deicide, Demonic Domain, No Souls Lost and Necro Faith are going to be playing. I’m sure you can still get tickets to hear them if you so desire.

Anyway, back to Rob Bell. I first heard Rob (I suppose since I’m 20+ years older than him I can call him by his first name) when we watched some videos on Sunday night that he and his church produced, called Nooma Videos. I thought they were very well done – doing something original besides a Sunday morning worship service (yawn). And his book is thought provoking (what would you expect from a book called “Velvet Elvis”?). If you want you can read an excerpt from the book here. He is young and engaging and has quite a grasp of the Old Testament and how it relates to our understanding of the New Testament. There was an article done about him in a Chicago newspaper that called him the “Next Billy Graham.” While I have problems with that title, God definitely has His hand on him.

I’ll post something about the “concert” later. Plus I’m re-reading his book and I want to write down some thoughts. But not right now. Right now I’m going to see if I can start cleaning some mud off my shoes.


PS – All preceeds from this tour goes to WaterAid. If you can’t see him in person, you can still contribute (or get involved) here.