I hate when I get lazy. When I have a lot on my mind but just won’t write any of it down. The cartoon on the right should read, “I have nothing to say; and I say it sometimes.” I don’t want to change a man’s original art so I will just leave it alone.

Update on Rob Bell. We went to see him speak last Thursday and it was, interesting. I really can’t boil down all he said and keep this post short, he spoke for 2 hours. What was most interesting was the venue where he spoke. Like I said, the Ridglea Theater is now a live music venue (mostly local rock and heavy-metal bands) and is run basically like a mom and pop operation. The doors were supposed to open at 7:00, and since it was sold out we got there at 7:00. There was already a large crowd waiting to get in, so we waited, in the 100 degree heat, for probably 30 minutes. People were soaked by the time they finally opened the doors and let us file through, pushing and shoving to get through the two doors they had open. Ok, there wasn’t any pushing and shoving, but it was awkward being that close to so many wet people, I’m not a crowd person (I won’t go to a water park and really not a fan of Six Flags). So we finally get in and a woman older than me with bright red hair gives us a plastic wrist band to show we paid. Her husband (or whatever) is on the other door giving out wrist bands. He has long grey hair and I can just picture these two taking a toke during intermission. There was no intermission so we had nothing to worry about. The man did handle the open bar during the entire two hours, and I’m guessing that’s why they kept the doors closed so long…they sold a LOT of water at $2.00 a pop, and some beer too, but not much more. They were probably disappointed in that.

The Ridglea Theater is a converted movie theater from the days of stand alone theaters. Some of you don’t know what I’m talking about, but it was a theater with a balcony, a real balcony, which was great for dates. 😉 The balcony was closed off which is just as well, I don’t think Rob Bell’s “Everything is Spiritual” Tour was a great place to make out. We got in and found some seats, saving a couple for some friends who hadn’t made it though the crowd yet. I went back to the lobby to wait for them because I knew they hadn’t paid and with the looks of things I was a bit concerned they would get in. They finally got in and were trying to pick up their wrist bands with red-haired lady, when she informed them that no, they don’t accept credit cards, or debit cards. Cash only. I made a mad run back to our group and collected the $20.

Rob Bell comes out at 8:00. He doesn’t say anything other than, “In the beginning, God created…” and didn’t stop for 2 hours. He talked about creation and the incredible intricacies of nature and humans and all that science has discovered and things that made my head hurt. This man is one smart dude. Hopefully he will make the audio available as there was way too much stuff to comprehend or take notes on. But it was good stuff. At the end he tied everything together in a nice neat package, said “Everything is spiritual,” applauded the audience as we were applauding him, and then left stage right. I kept waiting for the announcer to come on and say, “Rob Bell has left the building.” Overall it was a very interesting evening, I can’t say I’ve had too many like this one when it deals with anything “Christian.” But perhaps we need more religious speakers with an open bar, it might shake things up a bit.