You know what would be cool?  It would be cool to start a church and be able to pick your members.  Not all of them, mind you, just the core group.  You would go around and pick the people that traditional churches have neglected, or abused, or just plain forgotten.  Like Jesus did with His disciples…those the religious elite thought weren’t spiritual enough.  You would pick them like you do your blogroll, people who make an impact on your life in ways that are hard to explain.

And you wouldn’t have a building, at least not for a while.  The first few years of the church you wouldn’t be doing everything you could to get more members, you would just be finding ways in your community to minister – giving something to the community without trying to recruit for your church.  To be sure, time would be spent in worship, and fellowship, and singing, and eating, and doing creative things, and just walking the journey together.  But the majority of your time would be spent in doing Christianity, in being Christ to a world in need of God.  And people would come and join in.

Your preacher wouldn’t be some great orator.  He wouldn’t preach with human wisdom but he would simply talk about the cross “lest it be emptied of its power” as Paul puts it.  He would mesh Christianity and life in such a way that you slap your forehead and say, “Doh.”  There would be PowerPoint, but very clean and simple, and mainly for the music because you would have to actually open your Bible to read the text.

You would come up with some cool name that when people hear it they remark that that doesn’t sound like a church.  “Where’s the Baptist, or Methodist, or Catholic, or whatever denomination?” they would ask.   And you would smile and shrug.  People love a mystery.

You wouldn’t ask the people who wanted to join in with you whether they were divorced, or married, or single.  You wouldn’t care whether they were old, or young, or in between.  You wouldn’t care if they didn’t know God like you know God, just whether or not they were honestly seeking Him, and open to His moving in their lives.

You would actually be excited about God and what the church is doing.  Wouldn’t that be cool?