A blog friend of mine sent me a link to some articles about women and their role in the Church, or at least in Christianity, in response to my post Is It Possible?. Haven’t read through everything, but there was one article, written by Wendy Virgo, that had some interesting things to say. Here’s a quote:

So today, as we look at the blue print early church, we must resist the urge to stereotype. It is sad when people conclude that there is not much for a woman to do, unless she marries a leader, in which case she is run off her feet and has no life of her own at all!

Women were not commended for ‘position’ but for character and gifting as they walked in the Spirit through daily life. Yes, Paul commends them for being ‘helpers’ but this is so non-specific that it could mean anything from evangelising to washing Paul’s socks, from casting out demons to making pots of money by selling purple dye. The bottom line was that whatever they did they did it in such a way as to bring honour to the Lord.

The issue was not about ‘women’s ministry’ or ‘rights’ but about ‘how does my life help in the mission to make Jesus known?’ Thus, when Lydia was saved, Paul did not tell her to give up her career and sell her house. Rather, her house became a great place in which the fledgling church could meet.

The line that talks about the issue being about ‘how does my life help in the mission to make Jesus known’ applies to all of us, male or female. It’s not about ‘what we do’ but, as BruceD said over at YBMT, it’s about ‘who we are.’ Our relationship with Christ, and through Him, God, shapes what we do and how we do it. My theology, or doctrines, or the things I say I believe, needs to be shaped by my intimate relationship with Jesus the Christ, not my surface relationship with my pastor or some TV evangelist or what some denomination tells me. My beliefs need to come from what Jesus said, and ultimately, how He transforms me into His image.

So, my question du jour is, “How is my life helping in the mission to make Jesus known?” And what am I making known about Him? I guess that would be questions du jour.