Because this is the middle of November and I have only posted one time (and that was to link to someone else’s post) I’ve decided I needed to do something. Anything. So, with that in mind here are some observations from the news:

  • Boston Red Sox (that’s baseball for those of you who didn’t get the sports gene) paid $51 million dollars, JUST FOR THE RIGHT TO TALK to Japanese pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka. Not signing him, mind you. Just for the RIGHT to negotiate with him. It could cost them another $12.5 million a year to sign him. Teacher’s earned an average of $46, 752 last year.
  • A Pee-Wee football coach (sorry, also sports) was caught on video tape attacking a referee after the ref told him to stop cursing in front of his 5 and 6 year old players.
  • Locally (in Texas) our electric company got a rate increase when the price of gas went up because of Katrina, and reported a 3rd quarter (July – September) PROFIT of ONE BILLION DOLLARS! And I thought Exxon was making all of the big profits.
  • Two professors in Toronto (that’s in Canada for those of you who didn’t get the geography gene) have been given the right to smoke medical marijuana at work because of medical conditions. A quote from the article said, “The government grows the drug in part of a zinc mine in Flin Flon, Manitoba, and sells it to authorized users at C$5 ($4.40) a gram.”
  • In a response to an article about New Zealand allowing teens to use text speak on test (Wud ur tchr hv let u?) there was the following comment:

Kids these days can’t even speak proper english much less write it.

‘crick’ instead of ‘creek’
‘I aint got no….’ instead of ‘I haven’t got any’, all the text message shorthands and tolerated slang…illegible handwriting and parents who don’t give a rip how thier kids do in school, no wonder our youth is declining in scores. Lack of educational support not to mention lack of social manners, and the parents who actually care enough to help thier children do better for themselves and look out for thier well being are looked down upon and considered as being too strict, nosey in thier kids business, or not untying the apron strings. Thanks all you “allow your kids thier freedom” parents. your wrecking it for thoe who actually give a care what thier kid does.

Someone replied:

It’s, “I haven’t any”, “their”, “you’re” …and, I’ll let you find the rest. But, your heart’s in the right place.

  • Again in Toronto: “Top players from around the globe gathered in Toronto this weekend to compete for a $8,840 prize and the title of world champion. More than 500 contestants, including national champions from Australia, Norway and New Zealand, were expected to attend.” This is a contest for the “Rock, Paper, Scissors” Title.