I’ve been tagged again- we are to list (at least) five of our favorite Christmas songs — and then tag (at least) five other of our blog friends to do the same on their sites. I’m not crazy about tags, but Karen tagged me and in the holiday spirit I hate to be Bah-Humbug about it. I think she tagged me in an attempt to at least get me to post something new so ok, I’ll post something. However, I won’t tag anyone else, if you want to respond be my guest.

I really can’t list my favorite Christmas songs, there are just so many. I love this time of year and I love the music, but I find it difficult to list a song because of all the various artists that perform the music, most of whom I can’t stand. I mean how many versions of “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” or “O’ Holy Night” can you appreciate? Today on the radio I heard Christmas music by Twisted Sister! Oh, please, make it stop! Most any artist who is recording will put out Christmas music in an attempt to sell more music, and that’s fine, I’m not opposed to free enterprise. But there is just too much of it. And we are starting to hear this music earlier and earlier every year, like the first week in November.

There are songs that when they come on the radio I will change the channel – “Christmas Shoes” being one of them. I will also change the channel when I hear “Grandma Got Run Over…,” Chipmunks singing, dogs barking, missing two front teeth, anyone having a blue Christmas, anyone singing about the Grinch, or anybody wanting anything like a Hippopotamus for Christmas.

There are also a lot of non-traditional songs that speak well to the holiday, some of my favorites being “Mary Did You Know?”, “Grownup Christmas List”, “Breath of Heaven”, and “Going Home for Christmas”, but this does not include “Last Christmas” by WHAM!

So, what do I listen to at Christmas? Like I said, I’m a traditional kind of guy when it comes to Christmas music, and there are certain CDs we put on every year. Here’s my list of favorites:

  • A Christmas Story by Point of Grace
  • White Christmas by Bing Crosby
  • These are Special Times by Celine Dion
  • Joy by Avalon
  • The Music of Christmas by Steven Curtis Chapman

But my all time favorite CD that I can listen to over and over is Christmas Portrait by The Carpenters, 70 minutes of pure Christmas delight

So, there you have it. If you don’t like my CDs you always have Barenaked for the Holidays by Barenaked Ladies or Christmas Interpretations by Boyz II Men.

Enjoy the holidays.

He’s the reason for the season.