June 2007

Chili’s – Chocolate Chip Paradise Pie
(1,600 calories, 78g fat, 950mg sodium, 215g carbs, 6g fiber, 19g protein)

Romano’s Macaroni Grill – New York Cheesecake w/ Caramel Fudge Sauce
(1,610 calories, 96g fat, 960mg sodium, 169g carbs, 1g fiber, 21g protein)

P.F. Chang’s – Great Wall of Chocolate
(2,240 calories, 89g fat, 376g carbs, 20g protein)

Denny’s – Oreo Blender Blaster
(895 calories, 46g fat, 280mg sodium, 112g carbs, 2g fiber, 16g protein)

Johnny Rocket’s – Apple Pie a la Mode
(1,190 calories, 75g fat, 875mg sodium, 114g carbs, 6g fiber, 108g sugars, 12g protein)

On The Border – Border Brownie Sundae
(1,380 calories, 80g fat, 450mg sodium, 163g carbs, 8g fiber, 17g protein)

Romano’s Macaroni Grill – Tiramisu
(1,000 calories, 64g fat, 160mg sodium, 89g carbs, 1g fiber, 12g protein)

Read the story here  and get alternatives.  Yum.



First of all, let me say that I am NOT a proponent of people changing churches because “they are not getting fed.” Or in other words, THEIR needs aren’t getting met. I would like to think that I’m beyond that in my search for a new church home, but who am I kidding…it’s always about me. I’m as much of a consumer as anyone else, and churches today don’t feel much different, it’s just another “product.” Sadly, we don’t go to church to give something back or to worship, we go to get something out of it and if the “product” doesn’t live up to it’s packaging we move on to someplace else that can give us what we want. And if nothing ever meets our criteria for what we consider a good church, then we will keep moving around hoping to find that “perfect” church until we become nothing more that church hoppers. (more…)

We’re looking for a new church and I hate looking for a new church.  It’s not like we’re big church hoppers – the last time we looked for a new church was 19 years ago.  That’s right, we’ve been members at one church for 19 years.  So, why are we looking again?  I’m not really sure.  Something happened in the last couple of years that makes going to our current church just feel wrong.  Or more accurately, not where we are suppose to be.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not about their theology, but more about how they do church.  Baptist love their programs and activities and committees.  Nor is it because of a falling out with the staff; as a matter of fact there are a couple of people on staff we really love (*cough* shelly/laura *cough*). (more…)

I’ve just taken a 40 day blog fast, but it wasn’t intentional.  During the last 40 days I’ve been to New York City for a week, started moving my office and video studios from one campus into new digs on another campus about 20 miles further in my daily commute, tried to re-seed my back yard after the drought did a number on it (failed – not even one blade!), went to a wedding of a couple who met at Seminary but became friends and grew together in our singles Bible study, and read a lot of your blogs (and by yours I’m referring to the readers of this blog who hopefully haven’t abandoned me to the emptiness of the world wide web).  And I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about things: this blog, my faith, God, the Bible study class I’ve been leading, stuff like that; things I can write about.  I promised Bar I would post more if she would add me back to her blog lists, and even though she hasn’t done it yet, I’m making a quick post before I head home from work.

So, I’m back.  Hopefully I haven’t lost a lot of my regular readers, but it doesn’t matter…this blog has always been for me so I will continue to write.