We’re looking for a new church and I hate looking for a new church.  It’s not like we’re big church hoppers – the last time we looked for a new church was 19 years ago.  That’s right, we’ve been members at one church for 19 years.  So, why are we looking again?  I’m not really sure.  Something happened in the last couple of years that makes going to our current church just feel wrong.  Or more accurately, not where we are suppose to be.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not about their theology, but more about how they do church.  Baptist love their programs and activities and committees.  Nor is it because of a falling out with the staff; as a matter of fact there are a couple of people on staff we really love (*cough* shelly/laura *cough*).

What bothered me the most about the church was we were always doing what everyone else was doing.  Willow Creek has this, so we need to have this.  Saddleback is doing this, so we need to have this.  We need to read more books to determine what works, not try to see what actually works in our little neck of the woods (metaphorically speaking, we are in Texas).  Everyone is doing contemporary, everyone is doing video, everyone is doing PowerPoint with moving video behind the praise words, everyone has a coffee bar, everyone is doing drama, and everyone is trying to be like everyone else.

And so we are looking.  And it’s getting a bit frustrating.

I’m not sure what we are looking for in a new church, but so far we haven’t found “it.”  Everywhere we’ve been it’s pretty much the same – if it’s Baptist then it is either traditional or “we do contemporary” in a traditional kind of way.  And the non-denominational churches, those who “don’t do church the way church has always been done,” pretty much do church like it’s always been done, just a bit more re-packaged.  Its cell groups, or home groups, instead of Sunday School.  And the music is all done with guitars and keyboards and bass guitar and drums and praise teams who sound pretty much alike.  Some are friendly and some never speak to you.  With some the music is really good but the preaching isn’t all that great; and some the preaching is good but the music has a lot to be desired.  I attended one church the last couple of weeks where they do a lot of jumping around during the worship, and while that is fine for them, I’m not a jumper (remember, I’ve been a Baptist all my life).  The sermons lasted 45 minutes and my attention span isn’t much more than 20.  I’m sorry, what was I saying?  Oh yeah, we’re looking for a new church.

If there is anything I’ve learn from church after being at one for 19 years, it’s no one should be at one church longer than 2 or 3, 5 tops.  I know a lot of staff would hate me for saying that, but let me explain.  By rotating members around every so often you will always be getting new perspectives, and no one gets to the point where “this is MY church, do it the way I want.”  And members will always have it fresh on their minds what it feels like to be a visitor in a strange place.  We all know that will never happen, but what if…

So we keep looking.

Now, let me just say how much I’m thankful to everyone who commented on my last post.  I figured after 40 days everyone had gone on to something else, but you proved me wrong, and humbled.  Thank you for reading and commenting.