July 2007

I was reading my friend Chris’ blog, and he had a list of five songs that “defined” his life. It made me think of this post I had written in March of 2005, so I’m reposting it again because I’m lazy. The original post was in response to a post from a twenty-something pup who listed his music and it was the music of HIS generation.

It got me thinking about the music of my life, music that would define who I am and I found that a very difficult task. Of course a life is not “defined” by music, but the music is a reflection and description of how we perceive ourselves at the moment – what experiences we are going through now, and in the past, and how those experiences impact our awareness of who we are or want to be. (more…)


And then there is this: a website selling sainthood! You, too, can become one of the 144,000 saved from the Tribes of Israel. But hurry – there are only 142,621 places left.

Amazing. Not that someone is actually doing this (I’m becoming more and more cynical every day), but that there are people actually buying it.


[B~ note: Ed G had a good point – we can keep up with the Tribes right here:

  1. Levi 321
  2. Joseph 214
  3. Reuben 145
  4. Zebulun 143
  5. Benjamin 112
  6. Judah 101
  7. Simeon 78
  8. Asher 77
  9. Issachar 68
  10. Gad 65
  11. Manasseh 54
  12. Naphtali 1

Check back often and see how your favorite Israel Tribe is doing.]

I’m sitting here at work, the day after the 4th of July, and I’m pondering a few things.  I hate when that happens as it doesn’t happen often.  But here I sit in my office at the college with absolutely nothing going on but our usual rain soaking.  Nothing is going on because we are normally closed on Fridays during the summer months and since the 4th fell on Wednesday this year just about everyone took today off (silly me).  So here I sit, drinking my green tea and reading blog after blog.  And pondering.  Pondering is an actual word meaning, among other things, to “chew over, think over, meditate, excogitate, contemplate, muse, reflect, mull, mull over, ruminate, or speculate.”  The root word, as far as I can tell, was probably taken from Ponder Texas, which isn’t that far from here and has a population of 507.  With a population that small I’m guessing there’s not that much to do but ruminate.  I always thought that ruminate was something Captain Jack Sparrow would do quite often after a night of frolic and rum, but it’s not – it means to ponder. (more…)