Got to work this morning and we didn't have Internet access. And people were in a panic. What were we going to do for the next 10 hours? Talk to each other? Or, heaven forbid, work? It’s interesting how dependent we are on the Internet for our news, our mail, our blogging fix. I couldn’t access iTunes and the silence was really irritating. There were people out there (not the ones I link to because they are all witty and interesting or I wouldn’t waste my time) who were telling me about how boring their life is, or how Bush is an ass, or how I can’t be a Christian unless a I believe or act the way they do, or how horrible life is without the Internet. And important people were trying to reach me to let me know about singles in my area, or how to get great medicine at cheap prices, or how to improve my credit rating, or how to refinance my home at really, really great rates. And I was missing it all! Fortunately our IT department got us plugged back in and restored balance to our universe. Now, for the next 8 hours, I can surf the world wide weird and ignore my work and co-workers. And if I get bored, there is always Cubis2.